Our program is based on the premise that young people enjoy learning, doing and being self-sufficient with the assurance of adult reinforcement if needed. After all, it is most satisfying to be able to groom your own horse, start a camp fire with one match, know canoeing safety procedures and realize you are doing your part in maintaining a comfortable camp community.

Since 1969, the Tamahay administrative staff has recruited college-age counselors who love to work, teach, play and sing with children ages 7-16. A Tamahay counselor doesn’t always need previous counseling experience, but she enjoys community living in a rustic, natural setting. She is comfortable working, hiking and camping outdoors—with no fear of dirt, ticks or mosquitoes! The Tamahay spirit is fun, positive and promotes camaraderie.

Campers and counselors live in pleasant, comfortable cabins. Six to nine girls are assigned by age to a cabin, with one college-age counselor per group to ensure close supervision. In addition to having the support of an experienced lead counselor, our counselors have the support of a very involved, dedicated administrative staff. Counseling at Tamahay, for many, turns out to be a strong resume addition and resource for those interested in pursuing a teaching career.

Counselors arrive at camp a week early for orientation and training. While preparing facilities and equipment for campers’ arrival, counselors have fun getting to know each other, and each counselor selects her special camp name. They get the guidance they need to plan camp events and develop the lesson plans for the activities they teach, depending on their life, school and sports interests. Counselors leave camp a few days after second session, when equipment is inventoried, cleaned and stored.

Tamahay provides an excellent summer job opportunity and unique working environment. Because of Tamahay’s small size, our counselors can realistically facilitate a fun, safe camp experience for everyone.

Would you like to join the counseling staff at Tamahay? Download our PDF application, print it, fill it out and mail it to Tamahay for consideration. If you need more information please contact Elaine at (218) 652-3033.

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